Jack Waghorn [+]

Graphic designer based in London. With an output consisting primarily of print, publication, web, moving image, music, performance and installations. Currently looking for opportunities and collaborations. Studied at the University of the West of England, Bristol. View showreel, Soundcloud, Instagram, Twitter and Vimeo. [-]

+44 (0) 7971 580 285
My application to join Nelly Ben Hayoun's MA at the University of the Underground.
Dance For Refuge - Live visuals for the V&A. Design by Mean Productions. Motion by me.
Multi Storey Bristol - In response to a cluster of brutalist buildings in Bristol city centre, we facilitated a walking tour connecting several car parks and exposing their misunderstood concrete charm.
Plastic Parlour - Poster series.
Wonk™ - Visual identity, logo & digital promotional material for Brighton based events group supporting underground and alternative music.
MOONOVERSUN MIX #001 – Accompanying abstract visuals to a 30 minute mix, created using analogue manipulation and glitching processes.
An Extension - Collectively authored response to Marshall McLuhan's The Medium Is The Massage. Making contemporary judgements on the medium of ourselves and our position in society as emerging graphic designers.
PCM - 30 minute audio visual album produced using a homemade Casio sampling keyboard / Strat guitar hybrid, with imagery parodying the synth obsessed 80s.
Apathy's a Drag - Outdoor print commission exploring print as protest and Bristol's punk history, part of the Arnolfini's Moving Targets summer programme, collaboration with Phoebe Davies and UWE Graphics.
51.512197, -1.467265 - Geographical research project investigating two home towns, Swansea and Faversham also the exact geographical point inbetween them.
MOONOVERSUN - Series of typographic videos & posters intended for social media, merchandise and other promotional material.
Trenchard - Publication presenting a series of black & white 3mm photographs of brutalism found in Bristol.
Step by step - 18 page Risographed visual manifesto outlining the a process. Collating various instructional statements, diagrammatic imagery and lessons learnt it acts as a way to layout a design philosophy.
Bog Standard - Interactive sound installation transforming a retired Edwardian Cloakroom into a giant musical instrument. The public were invited to come and make a racket and audio equipment amplified the sounds.
Zed Alley - Stop-motion animation illustrating the view from a narrow passageway.
Miscellaneous posters - Various screenprint & digital compositions.
Cøllege & The Reason I Failed History 10inch split - Design and layout. Artwork by Paula MacArthur.
Avon St Bridge - A series of performances took place on a bridge in Bristol, limited to 30 second period dictated by a set of traffic light.
Sk1 - Audio visual EP created with a homemade instrument.
RGB FC - Ain't No Bourgeoisie. Offical music video for the UWE Graphic Design RGB tootall team.
36 Hours - Typographic installation held in former police station Bridewell Cell, Bristol. Visualising John Cooper Clarke's poem Thirty Six Hours.